Nike logo is a small hook.Nike has been to inspire every player in the world and offer the best product as a glorious task.Nike's first air cushion technology to the sports industry has brought a revolution.The use of this technology to create sports shoes can be a good protection of the athlete's knee in its strenuous exercise when landing to reduce the impact on the knee.
Nike trademark symbolizes the Greek goddess of the feathers of the feathers,representing the speed,but also represents the dynamic and gentle.Nike's Nike trademark,the pattern is a small hook,modeling simple and powerful,anxious as lightning,a look to make people think of the use of Nike sporting goods after the speed and explosive force.For the first time to "Nike" named sports shoes,soles have square convex to enhance the stability of the shoe body on both sides of the knife-shaped curved hook,a symbol of the goddess of the wings.
Introduction to logo development:
1.In 1971,the student named Caroline Davidson designed the first Swoosh logo because of the pair of dancing wings named Nike's victory goddess.
2.In 1978,Nike's Swoosh logo from the box line into a real,appear in the standard word below,more eye-catching.
3.In 1985,the sign combination in the square,the formation of positive and negative effects.
4.Today,the Swoosh logo is used as needed.
Nike's market is the youth market,the market consumers have some common features: love sports,reverence heroes,Starchaser strong sense of hope,attention,thinking active,imaginative and full of dreams.For young consumers this feature,Nike has been with some famous,popular sports stars signed,such as c Luo,Drogba,Ronaldinho,Torres,Fabregas,Ibrahimovic.
And Basketball endorsement stars:Michael Jordan,Scottie Pippen,Anfani Hardaway,Cameron Anthony,LeBron James,Kobe Bryant,Dirk Nowitzki,Kevin Durant,Stoudemire,Moses Malone,Michael Kupa,Jamal Wilkes,Bobby Jones,Gerald Wallace,Mitchell Thompson,Calvin Knight,Mike.Bibby,Ray Allen,Joe Smith,Vince Carter,Blake Griffin,Amare Stoudemire,Paul Pierce,Joe Johnson,Kerry Owen,Paul George.
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